27 Ways to Use QR Codes

11 Jan

8. Comment Cards.

Tired of paper comment cards? Want to reduce error and capture feedback at the point-of-experience? Or maybe there is a trust issue with the manager and you think he’s trashing some bad comment cards? Either way, mobile web-based comment cards allow for convenience and meet the consumer where there are. Comments can be e-mailed to someone and added to an excel file if need be. Theoretically, someone can file a complaint and a manager (as well as corporate, if needed) can receive the complaint via e-mail and respond to it before the customer has even left the building. Talk about real-time.

16. Interactive Menus.

In restaurants, consumers can scan QR codes in the menu and watch a video on how that dish was prepared, see the ingredients, learn more about the executive chef with an interview, or even the staff. Stop. Think about that personal connection for a minute. Think about the story that someone can go tell their friends. They came to order food, but their experience was heightened because they were also able to walk away with a recipe for their favorite dish (or something more).


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