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Scented Candles Too Girly

Mancans was born out of that idea. These no-fuss wax blocks with wicks are housed in a used Campbell’s soup can, and they all smell like something the grimy, sweaty, good old fashioned American male can enjoy. Hart has sold over 500 candles, the first proceeds of which went to his new racing bike.

via Scented Candles Too Girly? 13-Year-Old Invents ‘Mancans’ With Manly Smells – TIME NewsFeed.

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Pakistan’s image problem

The countries where more than two-thirds of those surveyed held mainly negative feelings about Pakistan include the Philippines (79 per cent, obviously those tableeghi trips and employment opportunities for maids are not working out), France (77), Germany (76), the US (75), Brazil (75), Australia (74), Spain (72), Italy (70), India (68), UK (68) and Canada (67).

via Pakistan’s image problem | | DAWN.COM.

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Sean Stephenson, Get Off Your “But”


Sean Stephenson Interview, Inspiration To Get Off Your “But” on Vimeo.


Milton Friedman – Power of the Market

Milton Friedman, master economist.

YouTube – Power of the Market – How to Cure Inflation 1.

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Unskilled labor

Perhaps it’s time for a new definition.

Unskilled labor is what you call someone who merely has skills that most everyone else has.

If it’s not scarce, why pay extra?

Skills matter. The unemployment rate for US workers without a college education is almost triple that for those with one. Even the college rate is still too high, though.  On the other hand, the unemployment rate for skilled neurosurgeons, talented database designers and motivated recombinant DNA biologists is essentially zero, despite the high pay in all three fields.

Unskilled now means not-specially skilled.

via Seth’s Blog.

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Usman Riaz – Fire Fly

20 year old prodigy…

Usman Riaz – Fire Fly.


The Heart Attack Grill



Yum. The hamburger restaurant with a menu that boasts greasy gluttony.

via The Heart Attack Grill.

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