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Steve Jobs menu choices vetoed by White House

Jobs, who never had to worry about dealing with a loyal opposition at Apple, was not happy, saying later to Isaacson: “The president is very smart, but he kept explaining to us reasons why things cant get done. It infuriates me.”

Nonetheless, Jobs was willing to create an iCampaign for Obamas re-election after the president followed up on another idea the Apple co-founder offered up: launch a national initiative to provide basic engineering courses at community colleges or tech and trade schools, whose graduates could supervise manufacturing plants in the United States.

The lack of such workers, Jobs said, was a key reason Apple doesnt set up assembly lines in America.”

Internal Affairs: Steve Jobs menu choices vetoed by White House

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Nearly 4 out of 5 of burglars use social networks to find empty homes

With many users of social networks like Twitter and Facebook are updating the services with locations in status updates, criminals are using that information to find potential targets for home invasion.According to a study out of the United Kingdom from Credit Sesame, approximately 78 percent of ex-burglars use Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook to identify properties with absent homeowners. This includes people that use location-enabled status updates or pictures to identify when they are at work or on an extended vacation. In addition, nearly three out of four ex-burglars use Google Street View to check out the quality of the home in addition to various escape routes within a neighborhood. The typical home invasion costs the homeowner just over $2,000 in the United States and robbery that occurs during the day usually yields higher losses than burglars that break in during the night.

via Nearly 4 out of 5 of burglars use social networks to find empty homes.

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1 out of 10 American adults own a tablet computer

While tablet popularity has been on the rise lately at the expense of netbooks, more consumers are adopting the device to peruse news according to a new study.

According to new research from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism and The Economist Group, eleven percent of U.S. adults own a tablet computer and over 75 percent of that group uses the tablet on a daily basis.

The daily users typically spend 95 minutes using the tablet on any given day. While checking up on news is one of the most popular tasks to perform on a tablet, only 14 percent of that group have spent money on a premium news service.

The majority of news junkies use the tablet to check headlines while 42 percent of the group uses the tablet to read full articles. Approximately 16 percent use the tablet to share news stories on a social network like Facebook and the same amount of users watch news video on the tablet.

via 1 out of 10 American adults own a tablet computer.

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20 percent of U.S. consumers research products on Facebook before purchasing

With more people turning to the Internet to research products before opening up the wallet, some consumers are turning to social research to find out if a product is worth the cost.

Based on information collected from 1,500 consumers by Beyond and M Booth, one out of five consumers in the United States turn to Facebook to research a product before making a purchase decision.

These consumers avoid using search engines to find product coverage on review sites and look to Facebook to locate product recommendations from friends or research product information on the official company brand page. Over half of the respondents use Facebook to interact with a brand and a third have written a product review on the Internet.

Less frequently purchased products that were typically more complex and expensive required a much higher amount of Internet research time than low cost items.

via 20 percent of U.S. consumers research products on Facebook before purchasing.

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How to explain Greece to a complete idiot???

George is a hairdresser and makes $40,000 per year. George has limited assets. He has zero savings, no precious metals, and is way underwater on his mortgage. His credit card debt is over $100,000, and his bare minimum living expenses are $45,000 annually, over 10% more than he makes. George’s credit is pitiful, and he cannot obtain any more new loans.

via How to explain Greece to a complete idiot / politician | Sovereign Man.

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Kindle Fire 3 and its Chinese Competitors

Kindle Fire 3 Pre Order Now for November 15, 2011 release.

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

Android 2.3 A9 Processor

7″ Renesas Dual Cortex A9 EV2 with NEC Android 2.2 Tablet PC 1Ghz Camera 512MB 4GB Capacitive Screen MID

Android 2.3 A8 Processor
TOUCHTAB 2.0/Mini Herotab -Android 2.3 OS: Touch Screen

There is some competition from Korean Markets also
Samsung A8 Android 2.3

What to expect:

For Kindle Fire, you have to wait till November 15th,

For power of ARM Cortex A9 tablet, check out this review by Charbax, check his channel on youtube too, he has go some cool gadget reviews..

Video link

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Samuel Brannan – California Gold Rush

Early in 1848, employees of John Sutter paid for goods in his store with gold they had found at Sutter’s Mill, near Coloma, California. Brannan went to the mill and, as a representative of the LDS Church, he received the tithes of the LDS workers there from the gold they had found in their spare time.

Brannan then purchased every shovel in San Francisco[citation needed] and ran through the streets yelling,

“Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!”

His “California Star” paper couldn’t publish the news as the staff had already left for the gold fields.

Brannan had opened more stores to sell goods to the miners (his Sutter Fort store sold US$150,000 a month in 1849), and began buying land in San Francisco. At about this time, Brannan was accused of diverting church money, including collected tithes, to fund his private ventures.

An LDS envoy was sent to Brannan and reportedly told them, “You go back and tell Brigham Young that I’ll give up the Lord’s money when he sends me a receipt signed by the Lord.”, although historians, such as Will Bagley have found this is likely just legend.

Brannan was elected to the first town council of San Francisco in the new U.S. territory. After a series of sensational crimes in the area, he helped organize the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance, which functioned as a de facto police force.

A squatter was murdered by the vigilante group and, although Brannan may not have pulled the trigger, he was considered the instigator and was subsequently disfellowshipped from the LDS Church for the vigilante violence.

In 1851, Brannan visited Hawaii, and purchased large amounts of land in Honolulu. In 1853 Samuel Brannan was elected as a Senator to the California State Senate in the new state’s capital of Sacramento.

He was involved in developing trade with China and financial agreements with Mexico, founding the Society of California Pioneers, and developing banks, railroads and telegraph companies in California.

Brannan built the first incarnation of the famous Cliff House, in 1858 on the Pacific Ocean in undeveloped western San Francisco.

via Samuel Brannan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Moral of Sam Brannan Story:

Do not dig for Gold, instead sell shovels to masses digging for gold.

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