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The Secret Document That Transformed China’s Economy With Private Property and Competition

“In 1978, the farmers in a small Chinese village called Xiaogang gathered in a mud hut to sign a secret contract. They thought it might get them executed. Instead, it wound up transforming China’s economy in ways that are still reverberating today.

The contract was so risky — and such a big deal — because it was created at the height of communism in China. Everyone worked on the village’s collective farm; there was no personal property. “Back then, even one straw belonged to the group,” says Yen Jingchang (pictured above), who was a farmer in Xiaogang in 1978. “No one owned anything.”

via CARPE DIEM: The Secret Document That Transformed China’s Economy With Private Property and Competition.

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Amanda Hocking – Self Published Kindle Millionaire

Amanda Hocking (born July 12, 1984) is an American writer of paranormal romance young-adult fiction.


Hocking lives in Austin, Minnesota. Employed as a group home worker until 2010, she wrote 17 novels in her spare time.In April 2010, she began self-publishing them as e-books. By March 2011, she had sold over a million copies of nine books and earned two million dollars from sales, something previously unheard of for self-published authors.In early 2011, Hocking averaged 9,000 book sales each day.


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via Amanda Hocking – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Top 10 Hedge Funds lose $31.8 Billion, John Paulson’s Fund Leads the Losers

The Top 10 Hedge Funds saw their US Equity assets drop by an astounding $31.8 Billion, or -16.8%, during the third quarter of 2011. The precipitous drop was led by John Paulson’s hedge fund management firm, Paulson & Co, which saw its US equity assets fall by $8.5 billion. John Paulson’s firm had already had a rough year and the poor third quarter numbers were enough to drop the hedge fund from its perch as the largest US equity hedge fund manager, a position it had securely held throughout 2011. Paulson & Co. fell down to #3 on the list, reporting $20.5 in assets.

via Top 10 Hedge Funds lose $31.8 Billion, John Paulson’s Fund Leads the Losers | HedgeTracker.

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Robosigning Credit Cards: The Next Major Bank Scandal?

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has quietly ceased filing lawsuits to collect consumer debts around the nation, dismissing in-house attorneys and virtually shutting down a collections machine that as recently as nine months ago was racking up hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly judgments.

via Robosigning Credit Cards: The Next Major Bank Scandal? | The Reformed Broker.

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Do you own enough gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are “core holdings”?

Core holdings are your emergency money. They’re your ace in the hole – the gold and silver (and maybe some platinum) that you hope to God you never have to use, but thank God you have if you do. They are your bridge across social, political and economic chaos.

What form should they take?

Core holdings have four crucial qualities.

First and foremost, they have to be liquid – something you can sell in a heartbeat.

Second, their value should be widely and instantly recognized. When blood is running in the streets, you don’t want to find yourself trying to sell some off-the-wall asset.

Third, they should be easily and quickly divisible. A bar of gold is inconvenient when all you want is to buy a loaf of bread. You may not be able to get change.

Fourth, they should not require assaying. In other words, their quality and purity should be instantly recognized.

via ASI Alert | Always Something Interesting.

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What is Inflammation?

Existence is suffering, according to certain schools of thought. I don’t know that I’d go quite that far, but I would emphatically state that anyone who spends a modicum of sentient time in the space time continuum we call existence is gonna experience some unpleasantness. A bump on the knee, a bacterial infection, an acute injury, a persistent illness, a death of a loved one, a broken heart. It’s a big and often angry world that doesn’t necessarily care about you, and something’s gotta give. When that happens and the sanctity of our bodies is interrupted by pain, injury, or illness, our bodies respond with inflammation.

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What is Inflammation? | Mark’s Daily Apple.

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Tiny Qatar wielding powerful political punch

DOHA Reuters – From its startling winning bid to host the 2022 soccer World Cup and mediating roles in Middle East and African conflicts to its role leading Arab efforts to isolate Syria, tiny Qatar is aspiring to an ambitious role: global powerbroker.

via Tiny Qatar wielding powerful political punch.

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