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43 Best Domestic Cat Breeds

A friend of mine has published his first Kindle Book.

43 best domestic cat breeds

Best Domestic Cats (Cat Breeds With Pictures)

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GREEK DEFAULT TimeLine: COB Friday March 23

Senior bankers on Wall Street have been given detailed documentation setting out a timetable to Greek default, including firm dates and technical ‘orders’ about last use of the euro as a currency there. The revelation arrived at Slogger’s Roost last Monday, since when I have been trying to obtain corroboration. This arrived in the early hours of today (Thursday). One of the banks is Barclays Capital (Barcap) run by controversial figure Bob Diamond. The other must remain anonymous for the time being, in order to protect sources.

The document asserts that Greece will officially be declared in default by all the ratings agencies after the close of business on Friday march 23rd . At the weekend all Greek bank accounts will be frozen, with emergency measures detailed to prevent the flight of capital. Included in the paperwork is a list of very limited exceptions to the ‘no withdrawals’ order. All major banks ‘are instructed  not to deal with euro exchange  as of open of business in Greece on Monday 26th march. All Greek markets will close for one day ‘at least’.


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Obama: A One-and-Done President?

President Obama promised to turn around the floundering economy that he inherited from his predecessor. He promised jobs. He promised transparency. Not only did he not deliver on those campaign promises, he has led the nation further into the abyss on all counts. Today we are less prosperous, deeper in debt, and enjoy fewer liberties than when Obama first stepped into the Oval Office.


His own party is losing faith in the messiah.You can see that loss of faith in the steady downward trajectory of Obamas approval ratings. While Democrats can take heart from the fact that no truly viable candidate has emerged from the GOP, its clear that “Hope and Change” will not be sufficient to rally the electoral troops for Obama again in 2012. Voters are hurting, and Obamas claims that the blame lies with George W. Bush no longer provide any solace.


Not only is the presidents own reelection in jeopardy, his sagging polls are dragging down other Democrat candidates as well. Republican Bob Turner handily took Anthony Weiners seat in New Yorks 9th Congressional District, a district that had been a Democrat stronghold since 1923. New Yorks 9th District has previously been represented by such Democrat stalwarts as Chuck Schumer and Geraldine Ferraro. During the special election for Weiners seat, Obama had only 31 percent approval in that district, although he won there with 55 percent of the vote in the 2008 presidential election.

via Obama: A One-and-Done President? – Casey Research.

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First Urdu Dictionary on Kindle

Urdu is a thriving language practised by 500 million people around the world. And if you include the similar spoken Hindi dialect, you can add another Billion to this total.

Apart from the vast majority of its native speakers in South Asia, there are millions of Urdu Speaking communities in Europe, North America and Australia.

Urdu is a very romantic, sweet language, some of the most wonderful romantic poetry is written in Urdu.

Based on its romantic poetry, there are special types of songs called ghazals, you will be able to enjoy the ghazals for relaxation.

Your friends or colleagues will respect the fact that you make an effort to speak to them in their language.

You will enjoy the Bollywood movies even more.

First Urdu Dictionary on Kindle

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Is Facebook more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes?

According to a new study out of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the desire to check a social network like Twitter or Facebook is stronger than the need to smoke a cigarette or have an alcoholic beverage. As reported by The Guardian, test subjects between the ages of 18 to 85 were armed with BlackBerry smartphones and asked to send messages seven times a day related to recent desires. Splitting the messages up over 14 hours a day covering an entire week,  respondents were asked to list any desire felt in the last 30 minutes and describe the level of strength of that desire. The 205 participants were also asked to describe how it interfered with other desires and if the desire was resisted.

via Study: Is Facebook more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes?.

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Inside Facebook: What SEC documents reveal about their Cash Flow

. For starters, the filing confirms that Facebook is rolling in cash, raking in some $3.7 billion in revenue last year and producing $668 million in net profit off that income. Back in 2009, Facebook managed to keep $122 million on $777 million in revenue. That means Facebook is currently keeping nearly one of every five dollars it brings in put another way, spending four of every five it’s paid. That proportion has improved a bit as the company has experienced massive growth: Facebook keeps a bit more of the money it pulls in today than it did in 2009, when the company’s earnings were about 15 percent of revenue.

The SEC filing also reveals where Facebook earns that money. Some 44 percent of Facebook’s revenue last year or about $1.63 billion came from outside the United States; further, some 85 percent of Facebook’s revenue — about $3.14 billion — came from advertising. Most of the remainder came from the 30 percent cut of sales it takes from apps and games using the Facebook platform.

via Inside Facebook: What SEC documents reveal about the social-networking monolith.

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ICC news: ICC moves to reduce role of president | Cricket News | Cricinfo ICC Site | ESPN Cricinfo

The ICC’s executive board has recommended re-defining the role of its president, reducing its powers and creating a new position of ‘chairman,’ after a two-day meeting in Dubai.

The ICC board, made up of the heads of Full Member boards, passed a unanimous resolution that the presidency become an “ambassadorial” role on a rotational basis from 2014. The board also recommended that under its new amendments, the chairman, and not the president, lead the board.

via ICC news: ICC moves to reduce role of president | Cricket News | Cricinfo ICC Site | ESPN Cricinfo.

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