Obama: A One-and-Done President?

20 Feb

President Obama promised to turn around the floundering economy that he inherited from his predecessor. He promised jobs. He promised transparency. Not only did he not deliver on those campaign promises, he has led the nation further into the abyss on all counts. Today we are less prosperous, deeper in debt, and enjoy fewer liberties than when Obama first stepped into the Oval Office.


His own party is losing faith in the messiah.You can see that loss of faith in the steady downward trajectory of Obamas approval ratings. While Democrats can take heart from the fact that no truly viable candidate has emerged from the GOP, its clear that “Hope and Change” will not be sufficient to rally the electoral troops for Obama again in 2012. Voters are hurting, and Obamas claims that the blame lies with George W. Bush no longer provide any solace.


Not only is the presidents own reelection in jeopardy, his sagging polls are dragging down other Democrat candidates as well. Republican Bob Turner handily took Anthony Weiners seat in New Yorks 9th Congressional District, a district that had been a Democrat stronghold since 1923. New Yorks 9th District has previously been represented by such Democrat stalwarts as Chuck Schumer and Geraldine Ferraro. During the special election for Weiners seat, Obama had only 31 percent approval in that district, although he won there with 55 percent of the vote in the 2008 presidential election.

via Obama: A One-and-Done President? – Casey Research.

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