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Humanity! Can you look in the mirror…

This 3:35 minute long video gives a quick and sarcastic look at everything wrong with humanity.

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Yale for FREE

If your aim is to learn and not just to pursue credentials, then you are in luck. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have opened a new world of possibilities for those who cannot afford to learn at western universities.

The recent advances in communication and information technologies are radically changing the education and learning landscape. Minus the credits or credentials, MOOCs provide the same materials and similar opportunities to learn to those whose learning options are restricted by financial and other constraints. You do not have to be enrolled at a University to participate in a MOOC, and could still have access to lectures notes and watch videos of lectures.

The age-old style of delivering a lecture to students in a room is being replaced by a model where thousands of students and their instructors are connected in real time online, while they are millions of miles apart. MOOCs enable learning for those who share the passion to learn, but do not have the means. The death of distance and mass adoption of the freemium model in higher-ed holds great promise for those at the margins of the learning curve. Education policymakers in the developing world should consider expanding education-focused bandwidths and making Internet cheaper to enable learning from MOOCs.

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Qatar behaving badly…

There deeds are finally catching up in the tiny country of Qatar,

A small country in the persian gulf which likes to meddle in the world politics at a grand stage.

Supporting Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, playing active roles in Libyan and Syrian uprising.

They are home to Aljazeera and at the same time one of the largest US bases,

On March 5,  2014 Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar.

On March 14, 2014 the Saudi government officially demanded that Qatar close down aljazeera

Saudi Arabia ‘has evidence of Qatari meddling’

And all this for a country which is planning to hold soccer world cup in summer 2022.

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