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Olive Garden Is Evidence Of A Huge Problem In The Economy…

Struggling are Olive Garden and Red Lobster, which are largely geared toward middle-class customers, who have been squeezed during the recession and slow recovery. Families with young children cut back on restaurant spending during the downturn, and they haven’t come back, according to a recent survey by restaurant research firm NPD Group.

Same-store sales, a measure of performance at restaurants open a year or more, dropped 3.5 percent at Olive Garden and 5.6 percent at Red Lobster over the quarter. At Long Horn Steak House, Darden’s middle-of-the-road steak chain, same-store sales rose 2.4 percent, but traffic — the measure of how many people are actually coming through the door — dropped over the quarter.

On the other hand, at Darden’s Capital Grille, where most dinner entrees fetch more than $40 each, same-store sales increased 4 percent over the quarter. That makes sense, too: Over the past few years, the kinds of people who can afford a fancy dinner have seen their incomes grow, even as everybody else’s incomes have stayed flat.


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American Banks closing muslim accounts…

“We see a type of pattern taking place in the Muslim/Arab community,” Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR–MI, said Wednesday. “Bank accounts are being closed with no real justification … so it appears on the surface that there could be some sort of bias involved.”

One of the latest reported incidents, according to CAIR–MI, involved Alif Arabic, a business described as teaching Arabic to American citizens online. Officials there were notified May 30 by JPMorgan Chase their bank account would be terminated within 10 days. JPMorgan Chase officials did not detail why, according to the letter.

When an Alif Arabic employee asked the bank for clarification, they were told an analytical tool “alerted them that Alif’s account could pose a possible risk,” the letter read.

Walid said such a move could suggest discrimination based on religion and ethnicity. “We need answers and the bank is not giving answers,” he said.

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Rajat Gupta, another big fish gets hooked for insider trading…

Gupta, whose net worth was once estimated at around $130 million, is fighting to save from forfeiture his many properties, including a waterfront home in Westport, Connecticut that once belonged to the co-founder of J C Penney that he bought for more than $6 million. Legal stratagems include moving his domicile to Florida, which has more lenient bankruptcy laws that protect personal property.

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SOYLENT the new super food.

Rob Rinehart is a Software Engineer by profession, experimentally discovered a new way of eating, intended to supply all of human body’s daily nutritional needs.


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Arab invasion of London

While the young soldiers were invading Afghanistan , Iraq etc.

The arabs were planning there own revenge.


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