Top round roast beef

12 Mar

What is the average unit volume for Top Round?

We did over $1 million in revenue for the trailing 12 months, in about 1,000 square feet. We’re looking at using more like 1,500 square feet for future units, and we’re encouraging franchisees to find drive-thru locations, which we think will add another 50 percent in revenue.

Do you envision Top Round as a national brand?

I’m calling it the better-roast-beef space. I think we’re going to do for better roast beef what Five Guys did for better burgers. There’s no one competing in the space except for Arby’s, and they have 3,000 units and more than $800 million in revenue. There’s a tremendous untapped market there to try and bite off some of what they’re doing. And we’d like to introduce a new consumer to roast beef sandwiches as fast food.

Anthony Carron, founder of 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria and co-founder of Top Round Roast Beef, is moving into the franchise world.

Initially, Carron and his partners in the upscale fast-casual 800 Degrees chain had no plans to franchise. This year, however, that has changed.

Earlier this month, seven-unit 800 Degrees struck its first international franchise deal with Tokyo-based Lumine Co. Ltd., which plans to open at least seven 800 Degrees locations in Japan over the next decade.



Five Guys Burger

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