our employers are waiting for us

30 Mar

Cricket world cup just concluded in Australia and New Zealand. While all teams wanted to play best cricket for their country, fans and family. Team UAE which consists mostly of Pakistani expatriates wanted to get back “home” asap to make there kafeel happy….

What are your thoughts ahead of tomorrow’s game?
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: I think we’ve been practicing positively, and we’re looking for a good performance and finishing on a high.

Talking about the return to the point about this being the end of the tournament, what are your thoughts about transitioning back into day jobs in many respects for the squad?
ANDRI BERENGER: I mean we’ve been doing that for quite a lot of whiles. That is just our normal routine. So once you go back, everybody will be back to work and back to practice. That’s how our lives go.

MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: Yeah, our employers are waiting for us. No, we have Intercontinental Cup ahead of us in July and T20 World Cup qualifying. So this whole tournament and experience and event has definitely given us a lot of experience and has boosted our experience and confidence. So once we go back, we will be preparing for these upcoming tournaments.

If you don’t win tomorrow, would you regard the tournament as less successful perhaps than you may have wanted it to be? What would define success for you at this event?
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: Yeah, I think of course win is important, but it’s not everything. I think playing good cricket is equally important, and we have been playing good cricket. I think this is such a game that luck also plays a very, very important role in winning the game. We had been a bit unlucky and a clear example of that is if you hit a stump and the bell did not come off, that’s a very bad luck. No, I think overall the team, all the boys have done extremely well. Although we wanted to win one or two games, we came very close. But it couldn’t — it didn’t happen. But we’re still looking forward to tomorrow’s game and end it on a high.

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