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oil pulling with coconut oil

Oil pulling is thousands of years old Ayuervedic therapy using sesame oil. In twenty first century it gets a makeover with coconut oil and the benefits are awesome.

oil pulling the right way

one month oil pulling challenge

whiten teeth with coconut oil

glowing skin with coconut oil

benefits of coconut oil

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McDonald’s will be closing 900 locations this year

In the wake of disappointing earnings, McDonald’s has announced it will be closing 900 locations worldwide this year.

The company posted a $400 million profit loss for the first three months of this year.

McDonald’s has been struggling to keep its menu popular as food trends have changed, leading the chain with falling sales and dwindling customers.

New CEO Steve Easterbrook will unveila turnaround plan on May 4th, in the meantime McDonald’s has announced pay increases and a new all-day breakfast menu.

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youtube, the million maker

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Tabbassum Mumtaz, 260 unit franchise owner

Ampex Brands. was formed in 2005 by Tabbassum Mumtaz, Ajay Dhillon, and Ray Wilia when the company acquired (18) Long John Silver’s restaurants in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. In 2006 the company added (8) locations in Texas and Oklahoma. In 2008 they acquired (44) LJS/LAW restaurants in the North Texas and Tulsa/Oklahoma City markets which made the company one of the largest LJS franchisees in the country. During 2010 the company acquired (54) KFC multi-brand restaurants in the metro Dallas market. In 2011 (35) KFC multi-brand restaurants were acquired in the metro Chicago market.

Tabbassum Mumtaz has served as President and CEO of Ampex Brands. with responsibility for managing over 3,200 employees. Furthermore his duties include restaurant operations, marketing, financing, as well as restaurant development and remodeling activities.

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Native Grill & Wings

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most important tool in a kitchen

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cancer cannot live in an alkaline body

As Charlotte Gerson says, “cancer cannot live in an alkaline body,”

Alkaline foods:

1. Alkaline Water
2. Raw Nuts & Seeds
3. Avocado
4. Cold-Pressed Oils
5. Select Grains (Quinoa, Amaranth)
6. Green Drinks
7. Any Green Veggie
8. Lemons & Limes
9. Lentils & Beans
10. Root Veggies/Tubers

Acidic foods:

1. Alcohol
2. Animal Protein
3. Chemicals/Preservatives
4. Processed Foods
5. Black Coffee/Tea
6. Refined Sugars
7. Condiments
8. Refined Grains
9. Processed Fats
10. Sports & Energy Drinks

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