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Gravity Light

Muslims used to be great at science and inventing new things which the humanity needed. Here is an article on Ibn al-Haytham who wrote great books about optics ONE THOUSAND years ago.


And the unfortunate reality of muslims today….

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30 offences of Dubai public transport users

a.k.a how to keep desi population in perfect harmony

Dubai: Do you have the habit of resting your feet on a seat in the Metro or bus? If you do, then be ready to pay the price!

Just in case you are tempted to stretch your legs when you find a seat in front of you empty, you will have to pay a Dh100 fine.

There are many such acts which one might find pretty harmless, but they can actually put a person in trouble with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

If you are a regular public transport user in Dubai, then there is a list of 30 offences and fines that you should be aware of. Gulf News lists the range of fines to help you avoid committing any of these violations.

As public transport users, many people are unaware of things that are permissible and actions that can hit wallets hard. There are things that a person may have taken for granted or may not have realised could be an offence.

For instance, bringing an animal or a pet on public transport or inside public transport premises is not allowed, which may come as a surprise for many Western expats. Entering a bus or Metro with an animal could fetch you a penalty of Dh100. However, guide dogs for people with visual disability are allowed.

Did you know that you could be fined for using another person’s Nol card on a bus or Metro? Yes, think twice before you borrow a Nol card from a friend in an emergency. Because, if the card you are using is registered in another person’s name and the ticket inspector finds out, it could set you back by Dh200.

And never try to argue with the inspector, for this could set you back by another Dh200 on the charges of “failure to comply with the instructions of the inspector or interfering with the work of the inspector”.

In case a person tries to avoid fare payment or fails to swipe the Nol card upon entry or exit from the public transport, then he should be ready to pay Dh200. Another Dh200 could be levied if a commuter fails to present the Nol card when an inspector asks for it.

Ever thought of taking a quick nap or dozing off in the bus shelter while waiting for a bus? Better drop the idea, for this is a punishable offence, with a penalty of Dh300.

Dubai Metro has been a blessing for thousands of people who use it for their daily trips to and from work. Among these are hundreds of outdoor salesmen, who travel across the city riding the Metro to reach their clients and customers. But, a salesman trying to use his promotional skills while riding the Metro should be ready to part with a portion of his hard-earned commission. Dh200 is the fine for selling and promoting any product inside public transport as well as in its premises.

As for technicians whose job requires them to carry sharp tools or hazardous material, they better avoid public transport, for carrying hazardous material, weapons or sharp tools will attract a fine of Dh1,000.

Also carrying alcohol is a big offence, which is punishable by a penalty of Dh500.

A heavy fine of Dh2,000 will be levied if a person is caught damaging, vandalising or destroying equipment or seats inside buses and trains. Littering, spitting or compromising the cleanliness of public transport in any way can make you poorer by Dh200.

Among the more commonly known violations are running to catch the train or bus (Dh100), attempting to open the door of bus or Metro while the vehicle is moving (Dh100), smoking (Dh200). Eating or drinking (Dh100), distracting the bus driver (Dh200) or disturbing other passengers (Dh100) are also punishable offences.

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Today is the DAY !!!!

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Degree Mills: The Billion-Dollar Industry That Has Sold Over a Million Fake Diplomas

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Chori mera pesha hai aur namaz mera farz… updated

Formula for most successful people of Pakistan


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simple relaxing technique

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The Dorito Effect

pepsi mountain dew and snack food

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