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Pakistan the beautiful

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6 Major Trends going out of style !!!

Many of our favorite restaurants — both casual dining and fast food — are in grave danger of being forced onto an all-liquidation diet. Their crimes: being too expensive, too unhealthy, or too uncool. The worst offenders are all three.

Furthermore, these restaurants boast slow service (a crime akin to murder in today’s fast-paced world) and suffer the stink of looking exactly as they did 20 or 30 years ago. They’re out-of-touch, old eateries for out-of-touch, old eaters.

Misguided principles are the first to go when the business is dying.

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Bulletproof Coffee

The idea of Bulletproof came to Asprey because of his battle with weight loss — at one point he weighed around 300 pounds, affecting all aspects of his health and ability to function.

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All Cholesterol is good : Dr Peter Attia

Cholesterol is one of the most misunderstood molecules in the human body. Much like fire, it can be an essential tool for life, if used properly, or a destructive force if allowed to run amok. In this presentation, Peter Attia will explain how the body creates, moves, and utilizes this vital molecule and how what you eat can tip the balance in your favor. By the end of this talk you’ll know more about cholesterol than 99% of the physicians in this country.

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History of universe

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Potty training in Switzerland


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Rat causes stampede in Morocco mosque 81 injured

Rabat – The Wilaya of Grand Casablanca has confirmed that a mouse is responsible for the stampede at the Hassan II Mosque on Monday, which left at least 81 worshippers injured, mainly women.

The incident occurred when hundreds of thousands of worshippers converged on the Hassan II Mosque, Morocco’s largest mosque, on Monday to mark Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Power), which marks the night on which God revealed the holy Quran to the Prophet Mohammad.

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