carnivorous animals Vs herbivorous animals

02 Jul


carnivore is an animal which eats mostly meatPredators commonly hunt and kill their own prey. Scavengers are carnivores which eat animals they did not kill themselves. Carnivores which eat mainly or only insects are called insectivores. Carnivores which eat mainly or only fish are called piscivores.

The word “carnivore” describes more than just the scientific order Carnivora. However, almost all animals in the Carnivora do eat meat, though a few do not.


This is a list of herbivorous animalsHerbivores are animals that are adapted to eat plants. Herbivory is a form of predation in which an organism consumes principally autotrophs such as plantsalgae and photosynthesizing bacteria. More generally, organisms that feed on autotrophs in general are known as primary consumers. Herbivores eat plants and are on a vegetarian diet


My Observation:

Most of meat eating animals are lean and mean.

Animals who feed on plants/carbohydrates are fat and heavy.

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