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This 19-Year-Old Developer Is So Successful, He Turned Down Apple

Last week, 19-year-old John Meyer dropped out of a prestigious university computer science program to work full-time on his tech startup, Fresco News.

His parents weren’t happy at first. He was attending NYU where his mom is a professor, he told Business Insider.

But they eventually came around to support him, because they had to admit: Meyer is already a successful independent computer programmer. He’s been writing apps since his freshman year in high school, 2008, after teaching himself the programming language Objective C.

And he’s been making money at it since his sophomore year of high school, he says.

“Money-wise, I’ve been pretty fortunate. I’ve been able to support myself since just a year after I got started,” he said.

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Is your credit card safe???

It’s frightening to see just how easy it is for crooks to steal your money and your identity these days…

The news clip below shows how one man can use a $100 device to “pickpocket” you… without ever touching your wallet.

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Young Entrepreneur Changes the U.S. Cell Phone Market

For Ahmed Khattak, it was personal: He couldn’t buy a phone. An international student from Peshawar, Pakistan, Khattak arrived at Yale in 2004 at the age of 18 with no social security number and no credit history. That meant no one would sell him a cell phone.

In 2007, he went to London for an internship and discovered how to change the game–at the airport, no less, only moments after he got off the plane. “I realized that it was as easy as going to a vending machine, buying a SIM card and [thereafter] paying $22 a month for your phone bill,” he says.

A Business is Born

New Haven CT based GSM Nation’s model is simple: Consumers buy manufacturer-unlocked phones that can be used with any network, then they sign up for significantly cheaper voice, text and data plans through third-party carriers such as H2O Wireless or Simple Mobile–with no multiyear contracts.

These carriers resell blocks of minutes they’ve purchased from T-Mobile and AT&T.

Seed capital for the company first came in the form of a $30,000 loan pooled from friends and family; later it would come from Junaid Shams, who co-founded GSM Nation with Khattak. At the time Shams was in medical school at George Washington University (he graduated in May). “In early 2010, Ahmed came to me with this raw business idea,” Shams says. “We spent the entire night developing it, talking about infrastructure, financing and concept, basically trying to figure out if it was feasible or not.”

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Kitimat, Canada

Few investors have heard of Kitimat, Canada. But this town of just over 8,000 people looks to be at the epicentre of a multi-billion dollar boom.

The reason is LNG. A topic that’s becoming big news in western Canada.

Especially after last week. When the government of Malaysia announced it plans to spend $35 billion constructing a gas liquefaction terminal and associated infrastructure on the Canadian coast near Kitimat.

Malaysian state firm Petronas will almost certainly feed the LNG development with gas from the British Columbia properties it acquired by buying Progress Energy Resources last year. A theme now becoming common–shale gas in BC looks to be for real. And a number of companies are eying this high-potential area as feedstock for Pacific LNG shipments.

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Singapore, the financial hub of Asia….

A couple of interesting stories how Singapore is trying to stop its currency appreciating against the USD and in the process loosing over 10 Billion USD.

Singapore’s central bank lost 87% of GDP growth


On the other hand, people from other countries like India are getting attracted to awesome stable security of SIngapore Dollar and there stable banking system.

Smuggling diamonds out of India


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3 awesome tips for college going kids

When over 500 recent graduates were surveyed by Accounting Principals, they reported 3 big financial regrets about their college career (read the full report):

  • They wish they had more actively pursued scholarships and financial aid.
  • They wish they had pursued a different major that had more realistic job prospects and a higher starting salary.
  • They wish they had gotten a job while in college and had started saving money earlier.

If you’re just beginning college, or even in the middle of it, you have the advantage of taking steps to address these potential future regrets now, instead of lamenting what you wish you had known as a frosh as you pull away from campus for the last time. Here’s how.

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How to loose USD 33,000,000,000

Brazilian oil tycoon Eike Batista knows the answer to this question. As he lost USD 33 BILLION in last eighteen months.


Brutal Fall

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