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  • Jan Koum, 37, moved to California from the Ukraine when he was 16
  • Founded mobile chat-app WhatsApp with Brian Acton in 2009
  • Koum has known Mark Zuckerberg ‘for a long time’, Facebook CEO said
  • Acton was rejected by Facebook and Twitter in 2009
  • Koum signed $19bn deal at welfare center where he used to collect handouts

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Young Entrepreneur Changes the U.S. Cell Phone Market

For Ahmed Khattak, it was personal: He couldn’t buy a phone. An international student from Peshawar, Pakistan, Khattak arrived at Yale in 2004 at the age of 18 with no social security number and no credit history. That meant no one would sell him a cell phone.

In 2007, he went to London for an internship and discovered how to change the game–at the airport, no less, only moments after he got off the plane. “I realized that it was as easy as going to a vending machine, buying a SIM card and [thereafter] paying $22 a month for your phone bill,” he says.

A Business is Born

New Haven CT based GSM Nation’s model is simple: Consumers buy manufacturer-unlocked phones that can be used with any network, then they sign up for significantly cheaper voice, text and data plans through third-party carriers such as H2O Wireless or Simple Mobile–with no multiyear contracts.

These carriers resell blocks of minutes they’ve purchased from T-Mobile and AT&T.

Seed capital for the company first came in the form of a $30,000 loan pooled from friends and family; later it would come from Junaid Shams, who co-founded GSM Nation with Khattak. At the time Shams was in medical school at George Washington University (he graduated in May). “In early 2010, Ahmed came to me with this raw business idea,” Shams says. “We spent the entire night developing it, talking about infrastructure, financing and concept, basically trying to figure out if it was feasible or not.”

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25 billion App Store downloads comes closer, Apple offers $10,000 prize

Apples App Store is fast approaching its 25 billionth download, no mean feat for something which only started out in 2008. To celebrate, the company is offering a $10,000 gift card for its various online stores.

Since launching on iOS devices in 2008, the App Store has become a huge success, enabling users to spend countless hours browsing its virtual shelves for games, books, news apps, health and fitness ideas, navigational aids, lifestyle suggestions….the list goes on.

Countless software companies have sprung up along the way, creating a whole new industry and enabling anyone with an original idea to grab a piece of the app pie.

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First Urdu Dictionary on Kindle

Urdu is a thriving language practised by 500 million people around the world. And if you include the similar spoken Hindi dialect, you can add another Billion to this total.

Apart from the vast majority of its native speakers in South Asia, there are millions of Urdu Speaking communities in Europe, North America and Australia.

Urdu is a very romantic, sweet language, some of the most wonderful romantic poetry is written in Urdu.

Based on its romantic poetry, there are special types of songs called ghazals, you will be able to enjoy the ghazals for relaxation.

Your friends or colleagues will respect the fact that you make an effort to speak to them in their language.

You will enjoy the Bollywood movies even more.

First Urdu Dictionary on Kindle

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ICC news: ICC moves to reduce role of president | Cricket News | Cricinfo ICC Site | ESPN Cricinfo

The ICC’s executive board has recommended re-defining the role of its president, reducing its powers and creating a new position of ‘chairman,’ after a two-day meeting in Dubai.

The ICC board, made up of the heads of Full Member boards, passed a unanimous resolution that the presidency become an “ambassadorial” role on a rotational basis from 2014. The board also recommended that under its new amendments, the chairman, and not the president, lead the board.

via ICC news: ICC moves to reduce role of president | Cricket News | Cricinfo ICC Site | ESPN Cricinfo.

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Lawsuit asks: Who owns a Twitter account?

How much is a tweet worth? And how much does a Twitter follower cost?

In base economic terms, the value of individual Twitter updates seems to be negligible; after all, what is a Twitter post but a few bits of data sent caroming through the Internet? But in a world where social media’s influence can mean the difference between a lucrative sale and another fruitless cold call, social media accounts at companies have taken on added significance.

The question is: Can a company cash in on, and claim ownership of, an employee’s social media account, and if so, what does that mean for workers who are increasingly posting to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus during work hours?

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How to ruin your reputation in one email thread: The Ocean Marketing story

When a customer emailed Ocean Marketing to ask for a status update on a product, it began what is arguably the worst example of customer service ever.

For decades, we have all heard the expression that there is no such thing as bad press. This is wrong. Perhaps that may have been true 20 years ago, but things are different now. The internet can be a cruel mistress, and thanks to the whims of a socially connected world, even a little faux pas can turn a minor issue into a major one. Occasionally things that are taken out of context or misconstrued can become a defining factor for an individual or a group, usually unfairly. This is not one of those times.

It’s hard to misinterpret a company’s representative telling a customer to “put on your big boy hat and wait it out,” before threatening to sell the customer’s item on Ebay. But that is exactly what happened when a customer named Dave emailed Ocean Marketing to ascertain the status of an order he had placed several months earlier for a peripheral that works with gaming controllers, called The Avenger.

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