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Man reunites over 8,500 missing children with their parents

This is no ordinary man but a messiah for the missing children in Pakistan. Anwar Khokhar, who served as a barber to then Pakistani prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, has reunited over 8,500 children with their parents since he took up this cause two decades ago.

via Pakistani man a messiah for missing kids.

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Home Prices Are Still Too High

By all accounts, the home price boom that began in January 1998, when the previous 1989 peak was finally surpassed, and topped out in June 2006 was extraordinary. The 173% gain in the Case-Shiller 10-City Index (the only monthly data metric that predates the year 2000) in those nine years averaged an eye-popping 19.2% per year. As we know now, those gains had very little to do with market fundamentals, and everything to do with distortionary government policies that mandated loans to marginal borrowers, and set off a national mania for real-estate wealth and a torrent of temporarily easy credit.

via Peter Schiff: Home Prices Are Still Too High –

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Canada Slashes Business Taxes to Lure Investment –

In 2012, Canada plans to cut its corporate taxes further, to 15%, bringing combined provincial and federal taxes to about 25%, from a combined average of 42.6% in 2000.

The Canadian government says those cuts will give Canada the lowest overall tax rate on business investment in the Group of Seven Industrialized Nations when deductions and credits are factored in.

via Canada Slashes Business Taxes to Lure Investment –

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Top analyst Whitney stands by controversial call: Prepare for massive defaults and social unrest

Meredith Whitney, the former Oppenheimer analyst whose dead-on predictions on the banking crisis vaulted her to fame, stands by her controversial new call: Massive unrest across the country as the municipal-bond market sells off.

Whitney appeared Sunday on “60 Minutes” to predict defaults in as many as 100 cities and towns, followed by European-style public demonstrations as cities slash budgets in response.

via Meredith Whitney: Muni Defaults, Social Unrest Ahead.

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noisy electric cars

Hybrid and electric cars could be about to get a whole lot noisier as the first generation of electric cars start to reach the US market.

via US Senate votes in favour of noisy electric cars |

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Why I’m giving £1m to charity

  • Income: £25,300, rising to £33,000 in coming year
  • Giving to charity: Everything above £18,000


Toby Ord, 31, has in the past year given more than a third of his earnings, £10,000, to charities working in the poorest countries. He also gave away £15,000 of savings, as the start of his pledge to give away £1m over his lifetime.

Giving What We Can


via BBC News – Toby Ord: Why I’m giving £1m to charity.

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Be Your Own Bank

Infinite Banking and other individualized banking systems rely on participating whole life insurance  policies, which build up equity and pay dividends. Policy holders pay premiums—which vary based on the amount of the death benefit chosen, along with other factors, such as the age and health of the policy holder—into a whole life insurance policy for a period of five to seven years and let the policy increase in value. This is known as the capitalization phase.

“Generally, we try to fund most of the money into it in the first five years,” Tom McDermott, president of Asset Protectors & Advisors Group, said. “The longer you can allow it to accumulate, obviously, the more you can pull out for retirement savings, the more you can pull out for larger items.”

via The Infinite Banking Concept: Be Your Own Bank.

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