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rich folks using food stamps to buy filet mignon!!!

some interesting articles from around the web

County Administrator Dave Gully says the county’s Human Services employees were upset because they recently were required to issue $500 a month in food stamps to a person who has lost their job, but has $80,000 in the bank, lives in a $300,000 house that is paid off, and drives a new Mercedes.   The family qualifies under a special federal category called “Categorical Eligibility,



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pollo tropical

Pollo Tropical (lit. Tropical Chicken in English) is a restaurant chain specializing in the cuisine of the Caribbean.

The restaurant chain is best known for its marinated and grilled chicken served with black beans and rice.

The unique restaurant concept is known for its fresh, never frozen, open flame grilled chicken, marinated in a proprietary blend of tropical fruit juices and spices, as well as authentic “made from scratch” side dishes.

El Pollo Loco 

is a similar grilled chicken franchise based on mexican cuisine,

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earth is a pale blue dot…

The great Carl Sagan puts things in perspective …

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Breaking BAD

Some call it the greatest TV show ever.

But by any standards, this is one of the top 5 tv shows of all times around the globe,

here is the wiki for this show

here is an imdb link..

The great academy award winner actor Anthony Hopkins was so impressed by the show that he wrote a wonderful fan letter.



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