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Singapore, the financial hub of Asia….

A couple of interesting stories how Singapore is trying to stop its currency appreciating against the USD and in the process loosing over 10 Billion USD.

Singapore’s central bank lost 87% of GDP growth


On the other hand, people from other countries like India are getting attracted to awesome stable security of SIngapore Dollar and there stable banking system.

Smuggling diamonds out of India


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Majors Are More Important Than Where You Went To College

  • Short-term credentials, such as two-year degrees and technical certificates, can be worth more than bachelor’s degrees in early years. The study found that in Texas, those who graduated with technical associate’s degrees earned over11,000 more on average in their first year after graduation than those with four-year degrees.
  • Those who graduate from flagship campuses who entered the job market directly after graduation did not earn more than graduates of regional college campuses.
  • In all five states, those who graduated with engineering degrees earned the most.
  • Graduates with degrees in technology, engineering and math earned more than other majors, but the study found no evidence that those with science degrees in subjects such as biology or chemistry earned higher wages.
  • Each of the states in the study matched student records with data collected from the state’s unemployment insurance database. Every state used data from its public universities. Arkansas, Colorado and Virginia also reported data from some private, not-for-profit institutions. The study did not include earnings of students who moved out of state after graduation.

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Designating an entire mosque as a terrorism enterprise means that anyone who attends prayer services there is a potential subject of an investigation and fair game for surveillance.

The New York Police Department has secretly labeled entire mosques as terrorist organizations, a designation that allows police to use informants to record sermons and spy on imams, often without specific evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

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Epic decline of Indian Rupee

Citizens of India have been watching, in stunned amazement, as over the past month the local currency has lost an unprecedented 15% of its value, with a record plunge taking place just on August 28, 2013.

The Indian people have lost 30% of their global purchasing power since March 2013 (though those who swapped their paper wealth to gold have seen their purchasing power rise 6% in Rupee terms).
Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 1.56.12 PM

Over the last two years, One USD has gone from around 44 INR per dollar to 68 INR per dollar recently.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 2.02.29 PM

here is a detailed picture of last 30 days of free fall of indian rupee.

More detailed analysis of epic Indian Rupee Crash

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