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Its getting quite common to be 100 years old in Japan

JAPAN’s centenarians are no longer to depart this life with a silver dish in their mouths. This month the health ministry said it would stop giving commemorative silver cups for drinking sake as 100th birthday gifts, because Japan’s super-ageing population has made the tradition too expensive for the state. Each silver sakazuki dish costs around ¥8,000 ($64). Now Japan’s cup runneth over(budget). The ministry plans to downgrade to a cheaper material such as wood, or just to send letters. 

In 1963, when the practice began, the government sent out just 153 of the little dishes, which are officially from the Prime Minister, and are engraved with the Japanese kanji for celebrating longevity. The cups are sent every year on Senior’s Day on September 15th to thank the aged for their achievements in society. Most go to elderly women, for whom life expectancy is highest of all. It startled the government that over 29,000 were called for last year, costing ¥260m ($2.1m), and it calculates that around 39,000 will be needed by 2018. There are now more than 55,000 living centenarians in Japan, up from just a few hundred for most of the 20th century.

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There is only one sunset !!**%%???


15 Things That Will Make You Re-Consider Your Entire Existence

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behold the greatness of american pharoah

getting ready for Preakness Stakeswalked_American_Pharaoh

The first Triple Crown winner in 37 years will be remembered for that signature sense of supple ease, the limber mobility that made something so difficult seem so natural. His 5 1/2 -length victory in the Belmont Stakes was visually striking for the amount of air between him and his inferiors and between his hooves and the ground. All week, trainer Bob Baffert had talked about the good “vibe” around his horse, and that’s what he ran like, a weightless emanation that left a crowd of 90,000 roaring with appreciation, not just because they were lucky enough to see history but because he was beautiful.

“As soon as I sit in the saddle, it was such power,” Espinoza said.

How long can 90,000 people scream with their mouths wide open? Several minutes-worth. That’s what racing history sounded like, a sustained throbbing wave for the horse, jockey and trainer. It built down the backstretch and then hit a sustained peak as he crossed the finish line. “All I did was just take in the crowd,” Baffert said. “It was thundering.”

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Preakness Stakes Winner


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Pakistan has received $49 billion in last 10 years

Pakistan has obtained foreign loans worth $49 billion during the last 10 years and over one-third were utilised for budgetary support instead of creating physical assets, hence raising questions of debt sustainability. 

On average, Pakistan received close to $5 billion in fresh loans every year and returned about $2.5 billion to its international creditors, adding the remaining amount to its debt stock.

Repayment amounts for the last couple of years have been increasing due to the $7.7-billion loan Islamabad obtained from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2008.

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Canada offers second class citizenship for dual nationals

Recently Canada’s Bill C-24 went into effect, officially creating a two-tier citizenship system. As a result of this new law, dual citizens and people who have immigrated to Canada can have their citizenship taken away while other Canadians cannot.

Australia is planning to take similar route

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Truthful picture of Pakistan

Hum bahar sai saaf suthray aur under sai ganday hain. (We “Pakistani” are clean on the outside but dirty from inside)

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